20 Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis   Letter-size PDF for printing

By the Plan B Bureau, with a lovely layout by the Institute for Experimental Freedom.


500 Years of Indigenous Resistance   Letter-size PDF for printing

The excellent book by Gord Hill.

A Brief History of the West   Letter-size PDF for printing

Written by anonymous, with layout by Invisible City, this zine ties together anarchist and anti-fascist struggles in Greece with occupation movements, freedom struggles in Turkey, mining, squatting, the power of the barricade, and resistance to Western civilization.

A Brief History of Capitalism   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

A zine layout of the prologue/sample chapter of The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book by Gord Hill. Check out their excellent news blog and website, Warrior Publications.

after prison: words from former earth & animal liberation prisoners   Legal-size PDF for printing   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen readingzinecover

Through sharing stories of life after prison from former earth & animal liberation prisoners we hope that activist communities will develop a more thorough understanding of what former prisoners face on the outside.” By Rod Coronado, Jeff Luers, Jordan Halliday, and Josh Harper.

Against the Police and the Prison World They Maintain   Letter-size PDF for printing

Communiques from anti-police struggle in the Pacific Northwest, January-March, 2011. A documentary companion to “Burning the Bridges,” below.

Anarchy Works: Crime   Letter-size PDF for printing

A zine-layout of chapter five of the excellent book by Peter Gelderloos, Anarchy Works. “The notion of justice and the social relations it implies are inherently authoritarian. In practice, justice systems always give unfair advantages to the powerful and inflict terrible wrongs on the powerless. At the same time, they corrupt us ethically and cause our powers of initiative and sense of responsibility to atrophy. Like a drug, they make us dependent while mimicking the fulfillment of a natural human need, in this case the need to resolve conflicts.”

anarchist-black-flag_1Anarchy Works: Revolution   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

A zine-layout of chapter six of Anarchy Works, describing anarchist and anti-authoritarian experiences of and approaches to doing the damn thing.

The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen readingprison_selfie

Barrett Brown is an anarchist journalist who has reported extensively on corporate-government surveillance projects, and is now in a federal prison in north Texas. They’ve been writing a regular column for D Magazine, The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail. Collected in this zine are a selection of four of their columns, circa July 1, 2014.

Burning the Bridges They Are Building: Anarchist Strategies Against the Police   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

The zine opens at a “low” period in the Seattle anarchist scene, and traces it’s rise over several months (winter 2010-2011) as they gain confidence in their ability to act together through a series of assemblies and combative demonstrations against the police. The role of anarchists during these demonstrations against a series of murders by the police is contextualized in the broader political context of Seattle. Contains an afterward of solidarity clandestine attacks after the ebb of the movement in the streets. A companion to “Against the Police,” above.

Call   Letter-size PDF for printing

By The Invisible Committee. “The youth are waiting, day after day. They wait for their time; as do the workers, even the old. They all wait, those who are discontented and those who reflect. They are waiting for a force to arise, something they will be part of; a new kind of international that will not make the same mistakes as the previous ones. They wait for a chance to get rid of the past once and for all – for something new to begin.

“We have begun.”

The Coming Insurrection   Letter-size PDF for printingComingInsurrection

Another piece by The Invisible Committee, an insightful assessment of the current situation and a call to “spread anarchy and live communism.” This version is conveniently zine-sized, fitting on just 12 sheets.

Cuban Anarchism: The History of A Movement   Letter-size PDF for printing

A history by Cuban anarchist-in-exile Frank Fernandez, from the 19th century to 2005. “Anarchism was the driving force behind Cuba’s revolutionary and labor movements from their dawn until well into the 20th century. Anarchists bore primary responsibility for organizing workers in Cuba’s most important industries, tobacco and sugar. At the height of their influence in the 1920s, Cuba’s anarchists controlled the Cuban union movement, provided free nonreligious schools for poor children, provided meeting places for Cuba’s working class, organized campesinos into unions and agricultural collectives, and published newspapers and magazines across the island. Later, they would take an active part in the resistance to the Machado, Batista, and Castro dictatorships. This book presents their inspiring story.”

Designed to Kill: Border Policy and How to Change It   Letter-size PDF for printing

An account of the brutality of the border and life-saving actions in the desert by a No More Deaths volunteer. Here’s the text in Spanish.

dismantling_coverDismantling the Master’s House   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

An excerpt from The Housing Monster by prole.info, including two chapters on gender and work. You can find the full book free online, and many more lovely zines, at prole.info.

Good Manners for Street Parties / An Introduction to the Anarchist Affinity Group   Letter-size PDF for printing

This one-sheet mini-zine has two essays, “Good Manners for Street Parties” from Mask Magazine and “An Introduction to the Anarchist Affinity Group” from Tides of Flame.

buttonI ❤ Workplace Theft   Letter-size tri-fold PDF

Originally written by Crimethinc. with the title “How to Justify Workplace Theft,” here’s the text edited and redesigned as a letter-size (8.5″x11″) tri-fold brochure. Perfect for leaving in the nooks and crannies of workplaces.

Identity In Crisis   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

An excerpt from bædan journal of queer nihilism. “For the ceaseless reproduction and exploitation of my image, and all images that are put into the service of the commodity relationship to be halted in even the slightest way would require the total sabotage and destruction of every apparatus that acts toward this reproduction.”

The Massacre of Ashulia: Walmart’s Human Incinerator   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

A zine layout of “Death-trapped in a burning cage: the Ashulia inferno,” about the November 24, 2012, Tazreen Fashion factory fire which killed 117 garment workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas   Letter-size mini-zine PDF

A haunting tale by Ursula K. Le Guin. To make the mini-zine, print double-sided, selecting the “portrait” and “flip on long-edge” options. Fold-over the sheets “hamburger”-style and cut off the top fold. Fold again and staple.

Stop Huntin’ Sheep   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

This pamphlet by Sirens of a Violent Storm explores the possibilities for countering covert investigative efforts initiated or assisted by police. The objective of countering all aspects of state led intelligence gathering is not inherently to reveal undercover activity but to create a safer and less penetrable network to operate out of. Sprung from discussions following two police infiltrations into anarchist networks in Southern Ontario in the lead up to the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010, this text offers suggestions on how to start making your networks safer and creating an active security culture within our everyday activities and organizing.

Wanting To Be Indian: When Spiritual Searching Turns into Cultural Theft   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

A piece on the white appropriation of indigenous culture.

Welcome to the Future   Letter-size PDF for printing   PDF for on-screen reading

Essays on climate change by Peter Gelderloos, with layout by RiseLikeLions.info. “Before the Big Change” and “More Wood for the Fire: Capitalist Solutions to Global Warming” provide a good introduction and analysis of the catastrophic capitalist management of global warming, and “An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming” presents one vision of an anarchist society solving the global warming crisis based on Pyotr Kropotkin’s Fields, Factories and Workshops of Tomorrow.

UNLIKE-THUMBS-DOWNWe need to talk about Facebook   Letter-size PDF

A brief post by nadir.org on Facebook, surveillance, and digital security. Layed-0ut as a double-sided half-sheet.

Why We Oppose the Police   Letter-size PDF

TI5xNm5A short essay responding to pro-police arguments, explaining the anarchist position for abolishing the police.

Witches, Midwives and Nurses: A History of Women Healers   Letter-size PDF

This essay by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English is an excellent history of the European witch-hunts and the rise of invasive, male-dominated Western medicine. The new introduction to the Feminist Press second edition is available here. This is a compact first edition by Lunaria Press. The Zabalaza Books first edition is gorgeous and in A4 paper size.

Inquiries welcome at anarrespress [at] gmail.com.

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